Help 4 India

Friday, December 31, 2004


For pictures of relief efforts in India, visit

OR some are posted at

WARNING : Some images may be graphic


At January 4, 2005 at 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


) Chennai 3.jpg – Mananeeya Suresh (Bhaiya) Joshi, Saha Sar Karyavah distributing relief material at Devanerikuppam near Mahabalipuram.

2) Chennai 4.jpg - Mananeeya Suresh (Bhaiya) Joshi, Saha Sar Karyavah of RSS visiting the one of the devastated areas in North Chennai.

3) Cuddalore 2. jpg – Swayamsevaks are distributing relief materials to the victims in Cuddalore.

4) Cuddalore 6.jpg – Medical camp at Pudukuppam, Cuddalore.

5) Nagai 3.jpg – Dr.Hema counseling the victims in Nagappattinam

6) Nagai 4.jpg – RSS and Seva Bharathi activists in a relief camp in Nagappattinam

7) Nagai 6.jpg – Sri.Vanniarajan, Dakshina Kshetra Karyavah of RSS consoling the victims in Nagappattinam

8) Nagai 7.jpg – Swayamsevaks distributing relief materials in Nagappattinam

9) Nagai 10.jpg – Swayamsevaks removing the body for cremation in Nagappattinam

10) Nagai 11.jpg - Swayamsevaks cremating the body in Nagappattinam

11) Nagai 12.jpg – Sri.Bhaskar, (with hands raised in agony) an Auditor and Vibhag Karyavah, Salem helping in cremation.

12) Nagai 22.jpg – Destroyed wall of a temple in Nagapattinam

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