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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Local efforts and contacts across US cities and other countries

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At December 29, 2004 at 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a. Local contacts :

Vedanta Center : Atmajnanananda
Vedanta Center of GWDC
3001 Bel Pre Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906
Phone: (301)-603-1772, Fax: (301)-603-1770
Web site:
IDRF : Dr Vinod Prakash 301-987-2127

IAHV : Madhu Kadari 301-806-7983

b. Local events


As the scope of the tsunami tragedy has unfolded, we have been thinking
of steps we can take as individuals and as a temple to help. There are
many efforts underway, most importantly the relief and rescue missions
launched by the governments, UN, Red Cross and other agencies. Our
belief is that at this time the most important thing we can do is to pray
for the victims and to raise money for reconstruction. To that end, a
dedicated hundi has been established at the temple and we will be
requesting contributions from our congregation specifically for this purpose.

In addition, the temple is taking the following steps:
1. We have cancelled the New Year's eve party slated for 8 p.m.,
December 31st. There will still be a midnight aarati followed
by a moment of silence for all the victims of this tragedy.
2. There will be daily prayers at the temple starting immediately for
the victims and the survivors.
3. Other events are being discussed to highlight the issues, raise
money and to pray for reconstruction.

Please contribute generously. We will be donating the money earmarked
for this purpose to organizations on the ground who are providing
reconstruction aid and helping people in the affected areas rebuild their lives.

At January 3, 2005 at 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HSS Swayamsevaks hits the streets to collect Funds for Tsunami on behalf of SEWA International

1. Over 20 karyakarthas have distributed over 3500 flyers in the heavily
crowded Oak Tree Road, NJ on NewYear Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
2. Collect on the spot donations of $1400 in Oak Tree Road
3. Call the donors of HSS, Ekal and IDRF to donate online at
4. Call and seek donations from personal friends (Over $2000 of checks
Many going directly to

Planned Activities for next week:

1. One of our karyakarta has donated 500 NEW sarees for the cause. We
will be holding a saree sale in Durga Mandir, Bharat Sevashram Sangh
and Ved Mandir on Saturday (01/08/05) between 1-5pm. 100% proceeds
from this sale will go for Tsunami Relief.

Please let your friends and relatives know about the sale.

More activities are being planned. Please let me know if you want to
volunteer your time for relief effort.


-Keshav Dev


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